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    An important chapter of modern Nepali Painting

    “I will never stop creating art because this is the responsibility God has given me. And duty is God.” - D. B. Chitrakar (SPACES -Jul/Aug 2008). An important chapter of modern Nepali Painting came to a sad end with the demise of the legendary DB on 22th Dec.’10 evening. It was a sudden mild respiratory complication which took away the great master from us. Dil Bahadur Chitrakar - popularly known simply as DB to many of his fans and the entire art fraternity, and lovingly addressed as dear ‘Dil Dai’ (dear brother) to many of his juniors including truly yours - remains one of the last great painters who ushered in and consolidated Nepali Painting to a modern era. Born in 1927 to a traditional artist family from Patan as the second son of Jagat Bahadur Chitrakar, the life and art journey of DB Chitrakar resembles an exciting fairy tale with many interesting twists and turns. A strange but remarkable beginning was made when his mentor since...