About Us

HK Nepali Channel

The Editorial Advisor
Rajkumar Dikpal

Editor in Chief
Dambar Krishna Shrestha

Editor / Program Producer
Dev Raj Rai

Nepal Co-Ordinator
Pradeep Meyangbo

Matree Rai Video/Photographer
Jagat Ambu Gurung ~ Photographer HK Nepali Channel™

HK Nepali is a simple integrated multimedia plateform. We want to help all younger generation in Hong Kong to value their own and others' cultural heritages and contribution to history and civilization. We would like to promote social harmony and equal opportunity in Hong Kong.

HK Nepali is trying to bring in stories of Nepalese people living in Hong Kong. Stories such as how they have been integrating in the local community, their work lives, their businesses, features stories how parents can play their roles in their children's education in schools.